About Me

Nate has been selling real estate in Utah & Salt Lake County with ERA Brokers Consolidated since 2020. With the right team and experience to help you with your real estate needs, Nate will make the home buying or selling process straightforward, easy, and as fast as possible. For any of your real estate questions in Utah & Salt Lake counties, please give Nate a call!


Nate started his career in the real estate industry in 2013 working with investment groups within the US and abroad. Through these connections, his interest in real estate was piqued and contributed to his decision to switch careers and gain an in-depth understanding of the real estate industry.

Prior to becoming a real estate professional, Nate was Product Director at a non-profit based in Washington DC, where he oversaw the design, development, and management of a platform providing support and funding for social entrepreneurs. Before then it was in his roles as a senior software engineer, project manager, and then COO of a Shanghai-based digital development firm that his skills were honed.


Nate holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Minnesota with concentrations in Computer Science and Asian Languages & Literature. He is a native speaker of English and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.